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Workshop: Third Language (L3) Acquisition: A Focus on Cognitive Approaches

Language, Culture and Mind conference series

Classroom Discourse & Intermediary Report

Collaborators in the project “Fundamental English” Dr. Neiloufar Family & Natalia Durus together with project director Prof. Gudrun Ziegler worked on September 12, 2011 on recent data explorations in line with an accepted paper to “Classroom Discourse” and the intermediary report for the research office of the UL. Working sessions on data-sets are held . . . → Read More: Classroom Discourse & Intermediary Report

Great BBC documentary on Language!

Already a couple of years old, but this documentary gives a great overview of the different fields of cognitive science in the study of language. Enjoy!

BBC Horizon: Why we talk


(Subsequent parts of the video are also available on YouTube)

Days 1-5: Languaging


by Natalia, in Birmingham


As the Birmingham’s Mailbox building ( changed its methodology of sending news (the former Royal Mail building is today the site for BBC Birmingham) I hereby post my first text (text as defined by Adrian Blackledge in the presentation on Critical Discourse Analysis) in this blog.

Aller . . . → Read More: Days 1-5: Languaging

DAY 3: Transtheorizing

Yesterday morning, we learned about the complementary school system in the UK – specifically in Leicester. Arvind Bhatt told us how these schools function as multilingual social spaces maintained by communities, mostly in urban areas. These autonomous institutions serve as meeting places for children and adults, where they socialize as bilingual learners. The questions . . . → Read More: DAY 3: Transtheorizing


After the coffee break this morning, the participants of the week got together to look at some literacy classroom activities implemented following a compulsory national directive in the UK. Sheena Gardner addressed its application in the classroom using transcripts of the interaction that was observed. The children were between 6 and 7 years old . . . → Read More: DAY 2: CAN A HEN DIG?

DAY 1: Mind the Gap

The residential week got underway with a smooth start this morning. After some coffee and a warm welcome from the organizing committee and other researchers from MOSAIC, we broke off into groups to discuss some key issues in multilingualism. As expected, the 38 participants come from very diverse backgrounds and harness different approaches. Discussing . . . → Read More: DAY 1: Mind the Gap

DAY 4 & 5: Ethnography and Multilingualism

Winding down from the residential week. This past week, we learned a lot about the projects underway at the University of Birmingham dealing with multilingualism. Through a series of lectures, each of the members of MOSAIC  presented their previous and current research. We learned of how they use the notions of ethnography and critical . . . → Read More: DAY 4 & 5: Ethnography and Multilingualism

The Acquisition teams are going to Birmingham!

Next week, Neiloufar Family, Natalia Durus, and Adrienne Ouafo will attend the Residential Week in Multilingualism hosted by The MOSAIC Centre for Research on Multilingualism at the University of Birmingham. During this 5-day course, they will attend sessions on different aspects of and approaches to multilingualism, as well as workshops where they’ll have a . . . → Read More: The Acquisition teams are going to Birmingham!