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Credit: “playing south park chess” by sean dreilinger; “Scrabble” by Sgt. Pepperedjane

The international conference, which is kindly sponsored by Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg (FNR), takes place at the University of Luxembourg, campus Walferdange December 10th -12th 2008 and is organized in cooperation with “Schreiw Dech Frai” asbl.

Since the 1990s, a growing amount of research has adopted socio-cultural and/or interactional approaches to describe and analyze learning and development. These approaches contrast previous research, which has been primarily (i) conducted from a psychological/psycholinguistic approach, and (ii) focused on learning and development as exclusively a matter for the individual(‘s mind). As opposed to this view, more socially based studies argue that learning is intrinsically (i) social in nature, (ii) situated in a particular local context, and (iii) does not only occur in formal settings.
The conference focuses on formal as well as informal learning. Of particular relevance is the inclusion of visual, or “multimodal”, aspects of language, and as such the conference will discuss benefits and challenges of including multimodal and activity-bound aspects for the analysis of learning and development.

The following scholars will present keynote lectures:

Gabriele Pallotti, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Ita): Describing and measuring learning in multilingual settings from a socio-interactional perspective

• Donald Carroll, Shikoku Gakuin University (Jap): Embracing the body in second language interaction and learning.

Pilar Lacasa, University of Alcalá (Spa): Children and new media ecologies: Bringing commercial videogames into the

• Annalisa Sannino, Helsinki University (Fin): Experiencing conversations: Bridging the gap between discourse and activity

• Catherine E. Brouwer, University of Southern Denmark (Den): Ways to apply CA to second language use and acquisition: Six – maybe seven

Fritjof Sahlström, Helsinki University (Fin): Learning and teaching as longitudinal constituted activities in children’s lives in- and outside of schoo

Thematically, papers and presentations address one or more of the following domains

• Plurilingual learning in and through interaction
• Multimodal interaction as analytic tool for learning or multimodal learning?
• Education in plurilingual societies – social perspectives of development
• Classroom interaction – social interaction and multimodality

Theoretically and methodologically, the conference invites researchers from a broader range of fields to participate. These are sociocultural research, activity theory and an array of interactional approaches.

Two presentation/submission formats have been designed for allowing exchanges and the discussion across frameworks: Paper sessions and round poster sessions, bringing together genuine work from both theoretical and applied research perspectives.

Abstracts for presentations (in English) will undergo a blind double peer-review and should be sent to learning08@multi-learn.org by October 1st. Pre-submission, consisting of name, affiliation and title of paper proposal, should be sent by September 15th. Notification of accepted abstracts will be sent out shortly after the submission deadline. Bilingual (including English as one presentational mode) presentations are encouraged.

Scientific committee

Charles Max, University of Luxembourg
Gudrun Ziegler, University of Luxembourg
• Johannes Wagner, University of Southern Denmark
John Hellermann, University of Portland
Kristian Mortensen, University of Luxembourg

Local organizing committee – DICA-lab (UL)

Kristian Mortensen (contact person, main responsible organizer)
Anne Meyer
Gudrun Ziegler

supported by:

Marc Kremer, Sandy Poulles, Marco Poli, Aurelie Wealer (Schreiw dech fräi asbl)


Charles Max, Kristina Höppner, Tom Schor, Gilberto Cardoso, Ronny Steinmetz (Media lab)

Looking forward to seeing you in Luxembourg!
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