Week in Review – Markets Reaction to Global Cyberattack and Geopolitics

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Asian stocks were resilient on Monday, hedging up a two-year high after shaking off threats posed by a ransomware attack that locked up more than 200,000 computers in over 150 countries” (Reuters, 14.05.2017).

Asian indices also registered the highest positive momentum on a five days moving average.

Commodity-linked stocks and currencies got a lift from rising crude oil prices after major producers Saudi Arabia and Russia said they would extend oil supply cuts into 2018.” (Reuters, 15.05.2017).

U.S. cyber stocks jumped, and the largest advancing sector on Wall Street was technology, with Cisco Systems Inc leading the way up on the S&P 500, which hit a record intraday and closing high”.(Reuters, 15.05.2017).

US indices however register the highest negative momentum on a five day moving average. Indices got shaken by the news of intelligence leak on behalf of US President Donal Trump in favour of Russian government.

Here is an overview of market indices on the five trading days following the global ransomware attack WannaCry and US-Russia geopolitical events (Monday 15h to Friday19th, May, 2017)

US Indices 

  • DJIA -0.44%
  • S&P 500 -0.38%
  • RUT -1.12%

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 17.28.44

US Indices 5D Momentum = – 38.48

European Indices

  • FTSE100 + 0.48%
  • DAX -1.03%
  • CAC40 -1.50%
  • STOXX600 -1.04%
  • FTSE MIB -0.04%

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 17.39.43

European Indices 5D Momentum = – 5.10

Asian Indices

  • Nikkei 225 -1.47%
  • Hang Seng + 0.07%
  • Shangai + 0.23%
  • S&P BSE Sensex Index + 0.92%

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 17.49.45

Asian Indices 5D Momentum = + 51.05

Note : all charts are realised with Wall Street Journal Advanced Charting)

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