19.03.2018 – Russian Presidential Elections – Aftermath?

I find myself on the third floor of a glassy mansion on the 2449 and I can’t stop thinking of this post I read by Ian Bremmer, President of the Eurasia Group who reports that no European Leader has congratulated Vladimir Putin on his 4th re-election.

Vladimir Putin is Russia’s longest-serving leader since Stalin. Yesterday, on March 18th 2018, Putin won 74% circa of presidential votes recording his forth presidential victory.

According to Bloomberg,”Putin barely campaigned and faced no real competition in the election“.

According to Bremmer [and related sources], as of March 19th 15:30 CET , the list of world leaders who congratulated Putin for his election is as follows:

  • Chinese President Xi Jing Ping – Official State Communication
  • French President Macron Emmanuel- Official State Communication
  • German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier – Official Communication

On another note, United States Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey GrahamSC issued a personal twitter statement as follows: “Congratulations to Russian President Putin on his Fake Victory in the Fake Election. Heaven help the 25% who didn’t vote for him!


Russian voter turnout:

{2000: 68.7%,  2004: 64.4%,  2012:  65.3%,  2018: 67%}

Putin’s share of the vote:

{2000: 52.9%, 2004: 71.3%, 2012: 63.6%, 2018: 76.7%}


Now… today, after months of rocky negotiations, UK and EU reached a Brexit deal (whilst the issue of Ireland is not yet clarified) and as one can see here, EU’s political agenda is pretty busy these days. Moreover, today markets are in turmoil following Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal which is driving a few social media, DS-driven and AI-related stocks down at Wall Street.

24 hrs have not yet passed since the outcome of Russian elections. It is true however that according to diplomatic protocol, the official state agencies or the leaders themselves should deliver a message at some point. I am looking forward to see how this evolves.

I believe there really is no need to further magnetise the fields considering we experience covert warfare on trade, data and AI already.

A final remark on the last point is that a few days ago Prof.Dr. Stephen Hawking passed away. It is reported that two weeks prior to his death, he had submitted a paper that forecasts the end of our universe by energy dissipation. That seems an optimistic forecast considering the state of the art.

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