What’s happening to US Democrats now? – Part I

“While thousands march in US cities to protest against Trump’s presidency” [4], the general feeling “amid the wreckage of Hillary Clinton’s loss”[1] in Tuesday’s presidential election is that the democrats “screwed up” [3] and they are now facing extremely difficult times, with the party being severely split internally “between the establishment wing, embodied by Clinton, and the party’s more liberal members, many of whom aligned with Sen. Bernie Sanders” [1].

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According to many, Hilary Clinton has committed a series of “strategic mistakes that sealed her fate” [5]. But Clinton has blamed FBI director James Comey for her stunning defeat.

“Clinton’s aides also believe that the renewed attention to the email story helped dampen enthusiasm among her base voters”. However, “Democrats have long complained that the campaign failed to address the email issue swiftly over a year ago, and those frustrations bubbled over after her loss Tuesday”[5].

Meantime Sen. Bennie Sanders, sustains the problem were wealthy donors. He said: “You can’t tell working people you’re on their side while at the same time you’re raising money from Wall Street and the billionaire class. [..] The Democratic Party has to be focused on grass-roots America and not wealthy people attending cocktail parties.” [1]

With many advocating for a party’s new direction, concerns arise and debates intensifies around the 1M$ question: Who is going to lead DNC (the Democratic National Committee) now? [6]

“The contest to replace interim chairwoman Donna Brazile now appears to be a wide-open affair. Brazile stepped in for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), who announced her resignation in July after the release of a trove of hacked emails” [1].

Had Hilary won the elections, she would have been expected to name a political ally. But  Hilary lost and despite several favourable sentiment pools preceding Tuesday, Hilary is not perceived very well at the moment.

A list of possible candidates pops up in the news. Among these, Keith Ellison, Minnesota congressman, supported by Senators Charles Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and Former Vermont governor Howard Dean, who served as DNC chairman a decade ago, and lately announced “plans to try to regain the position as a full-time role”[1].

Stay tuned. More to follow…


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