34 live blogs, 9 active presentations, 4 days at Expolangues in Paris

The EU network “Language learning and social media: 6 key dialogues(LS6)” was pleased to participate in the 30th Expolangues 2012 in Paris.  The Expolangues fair is an international event and gathered a full range of participants –language schools, training centres, publisher, companies, policy makers- in the field of language learning.

The European Commission has organised a series of conferences and events in close collaboration with pan European language projects throughout Expolangues.  The four days programme of EC drew attention to   languages and mobility and the importance for employment and social inclusion.

On the second day of Expolangues, the EC invited Prof. Charles MAX (University of Luxembourg) to present the LS6 network for its innovative approach and its unique mix of activities in the area of language learning and social media.

A workshop included

  • Presentation of EACEA (The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) for the future EC programme and the various initiatives of the Multilingualism unit
  •  Presentation of three selected European projects
  •  a round table with a panel of experts

Furthermore, beyond a workshop contribution, LS6 was present in an official EC stand, located in E16, for four days fair.  As social media and its potential value to language learning are becoming apparent, LS6 took an initiative of involving with expo-visitors for interactive and participative activities using live blog (dica-lab LS6 blog) together with dynamic stand presentations.

Live blogging was not only about sharing thoughts, stories, testimonies of meaningful language learning processes and social media that LS6 promotes, but also moving expo-visitors from simple bystanders to active participants of the event.  It was possible thanks to four different instant dissemination;

– tweets or blog posts (text-based),
– 60 second video clips,
– short audio comments
– screencasts as commented activities on a website

Despite the unexpected cold in Paris, the enthusiasm of expo-visiors towards LS6 live blog has gathered more than 10 videos, more than dozen tweets, several audios as well as few screencasts.  All these contributions are disseminated instantly via our dica-lab LS6 Blog with the request/option for further commenting and extending the contributions on the site.

Thanks for Expo-visitors joining our live blogging, for the EC giving an opportunity to participate in Expolangues, for all members of LS6 supporting this event and of course, all the LS6 public via our social media presence.


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