ISB 9, International Symposium on Bilingualism, Singapore 2013

Researchers of DICA-lab and multi-LEARN institute, Luxembourg attended ISB 9, International Symposium on Bilingualism, held in Singapore in June 2013. Contributions included a Luxembourg-Australian panel focusing on “Developing multilingualisms: methodological advancements in Europe and Australia”, initiated by Professors Jane Simpson

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Approaching multilinguals’ literacies – Talk at Australian National University

Within her visiting professor stay at the Australian National University, ANU – School of Language Studies, Gudrun Ziegler presented recent results of the study “Approaching (European) multilinguals’ literacies in action” at the European Languages in the World Series.

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Cognitive Approaches for the Semantic Web – Insights from the Dagstuhl Seminar

The Dagstuhl seminar “Cognitive Approaches for the Semantic Web” discussed issues of knowledge construction and representation, see overview

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