Webinar “Where languages collide: How multilingual literacies make social media real”

14 June 2011, University of Luxembourg and broadcast live, 4 PM

Media and more specifically social media exist in and through multiple languages – in keyboarding, texting, dubbing, subtitling, translating, gaming and in many other ways of media interaction. Multilingualism

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Follow the acquisition teams blog – Residential Week – Multilingualism

Blogging on … Residential Week – Multilingualism

Follow the updates via the DICA-lab acquisition blog as Members of the Acquisition teams of DICA-lab take part in the Residential Week in Multilingualism hosted by The MOSAIC Centre for Research on

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Appropriation and transmission of world languages and cultures – Séminaire doctoral international, March, 18-19, 2011 Paris

Le séminaire doctoral international co-organisé “Appropriation et transmission des langues et des cultures du monde” se tiendra le 18/19 mars 2011 à Paris, INALCO.

Programme Appropriation and transmission of world languages and cultures, Séminaire doctoral international, 2011


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