Innovative multilingual application for children in the App store!

Tetyana Karpenko, media entrepreneur and PhD student at Dica-lab, has released a new innovative multilingual application for children “Le Petit Chaperon Rouge”. The app allows changing languages on the every page of this fairy-tale, so that a child can read

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Dica contribution at the “The embodied Foundations of Human Communicative Skills” Conference

Claudia Albanese, PhD candidate at Dica-Lab, presented a scientific paper on “Facial Physiology of Speech Errrors” at the European Science Foundation Conference “The embodied Foundations of Human Communicative Skills” held at the University of Copenhagen 21.-23.11.2012

Two DICA-lab presentations at the Eapril 2012 conference in Jyväskylä

Dica-lab is contributing with two papers to the Eapril 2012 conference

a. Roundtable Contribution of the “Quicker Steps” project : Implementing a multi-cultural and multi-lingual masters programme in Luxembourg through ascending from the abstract to the concrete (29.11.2012)

b. Individual

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