December 5, 2007: Doing not being a foreign language learner: Working in English as a ‘lingua franca’ (Dr. Alan Firth)

invited lecture by Dr Alan FIRTH

Senior Lecturer, School of Education, Communication & Language Sciences,Newcastle University (UK)

Wednesday, December 5th,

Campus Walferdange, 17.30 h – room Vygotsky


In his invited lecture Alan Firth will introduce, exemplify and discuss the notion that L2 competence may be profitably understood as a ‘public’ or ‘private’ phenomenon. Through data analyses of L2 learning […]

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June 12, 2007: “Stabilität oder Stagnation – oder warum die Schule nicht so ist, wie wir das gerne hätten” (Prof. Dr. Daniel Tröhler)

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