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Now available online “Innovation in Learning and Development in Mutilingual and Multicultural Contexts”

Innovation in Learning and Development in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts – Principles learned from a Higher Educational Study Programme in Luxembourg (by G. Ziegler) in: International Review of Education, Vol. 57

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The purpose of this special issue is to identify trends and effective practices of multilingual education in different regions of the world such as Africa, the Americas, Asia and Pacific and Europe, which will highlight the characteristics of effective practices and common problems. For each region, the discussion starts with an introductory article which captures the new trends in the region. Case studies from formal and non-formal education follow all educational levels and age groups. In these studies authors critically analyse the integration of the multilingual ethos and culture into the development and conceptualisation of the education programme with regard to literacy and oracy, teacher training and the development of a literate environment, and the extent to which these programmes open up to a lifelong learning process. Furthermore, the role, the status, the function and the timing of the languages of instruction will be analysed, as well as the way language acquisition and learning are conceived as part of the conceptual framework.

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