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Open lecture – A systemic functional approach to translation competence, June 8, 6 PM, Université du Luxembourg, Campus Walfer

A systemic functional approach to translation competence
Prof. Dr. Viviana Gaballo, University of Macerata

Université du Luxembourg, Campus Walfer, ROOM: MONTESSORI

In the past decades in which Translation Studies has become firmly established as an academic discipline in its own right, research flourished as to the designation and definition of translation competence. The concept is of particular relevance to translator training since it drives decisions and choices in the design of a syllabus and can also be considered as the litmus paper against which to test the acquired competence. This becomes evident from the novel approach suggested in this lecture offering a new model of translation competence based on the integration of two apparently opposite views, the holistic view of PACTE’s multicomponent model and the minimalist view of Pym’s approach. The result is a versatile translation competence model that restores the centrality of the translation process while relating it to interacting background dimensions. The effectiveness of the suggested systemic functional model also lies in the fact that it can be usefully applied to assess translation competence acquisition from both the qualitative and the quantitative viewpoint.

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