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Philippe Blanca defended his thesis at UL

On October 17, Philippe Blanca successfully defended his thesis at the University of Luxembourg on

The scientific journal in the age of digital multimodality”

The undertaken research is dedicated to multimodal scientific publishing. It analyses and discusses in particular how current communication technologies invite researchers to take into consideration less conventional semiotic resources, such as video, sound, animations, 3D objects… and how these resources are effectively used and valued in actual digital journals. In other words, this exploratory study of a small number of scientific journals shows how multimodal approaches to scientific publishing are more than multimedia integration and that they tend to change practices of online publishing still linked to print technologies. They redefined at a digital level the links between mode of production, of evaluation, of dissemination and of consumption. The research concludes that the formal dissemination of scientific findings is still largely dominated by the written mode and that use of multimodality in scientific journals remains underdeveloped despite its analytical potential.

The members of the defense committee were:

A.-Prof. Dr. Christoph Schommer, Université du Luxembourg, Chairman

Prof. Dr. Pascal Hitzler, Wright State University,Vice-Chairman

Prof. Dr. Charles Max, University Luxembourg, Supervisor

Prof. Dr. Gunther Kress, University of London, member

Dr. Patrice Caire, SnT, member

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