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Research workshop – Learning in multilingual contexts, 31.8.-2.9.2011

Research workshop –  Learning in multilingual contexts,  31.8.-2.9.2011

Professors Charles Max and Gudrun Ziegler of University of Luxembourg hosted DICA-lab’s research workshop on “Learning in multilingual contexts” which took place on Campus Walferdange,  August 31 – September 2, 2011. The twenty participants – of University of Kaiserslautern,  Northeastern University,  Luxembourg University and European School (Luxembourg) – discussed recent outcomes of running research projects.

August 31st,  2011

Dr. J.C. Choi,  PhD-candidate C. Albanese and Prof. Ziegler presented outcomes of the study on phonological awareness in multilingual subjects involving Korean. Results point to an effect of school literacy practices (Luxembourg’s public schools) with regard to German and French as well as writing practices regarding Luxembourgish and Portuguese.

Prof. C. Max and project-members M. Kracheel and Prof. G. Ziegler provided a short overview of the results of the CODI-SCILE-A project,  highlighting the specific nature of learning in multilingual contexts with regard to early science learning as these results are currently presented by the project members at international conferences EARLI,  ESERA and ISCAR during the month of September 2011.

September 1st,  2011

Findings in the area of English as a learner language in multilingual contexts were in focus of the workshop session conducted by N. Durus, Dr. N. Family and Prof. G. Ziegler. The project under the supervision of Prof. Ziegler draws from a unique database,  recent findings present features of multilingual learners practices in English as an international language. These findings have been discussed during this workshop session as regards their implications for classroom management and teaching routines in the context of Luxembourg’s public as well as European school. Moreover,  the workshop session questioned the role of English in the light of school- and work-driven multilingualism in Luxembourg’s society.

dica-lab workshop - learning multilingual 01092011 - 1

The workshop session lead by Prof. S. Allen discussed recent findings on gesture-speech relationship in multilingual children and adults from a cross-linguistic analysis involving German, Turkish as well as Korean and Japanese.

dica-lab workshop - learning multilingual 20110901 - 2

PhD-candidate A. Ouafo presented the methodology of the research project which focuses on Luxembourgish as an additional language for migrant multilinguals arriving,  living and working in Luxembourg. Entering her second year of PhD-work under the supervision of Prof. G. Ziegler,  the workshop session dealt with methodological questions on the tracing of learning in everyday activities.

September 2nd,  2011

Workshop participants together with the editorial team of the edited volume “Professionalising multilingualism in higher education” discussed the contributions which have been submitted to the editors in line with the 2010 conference of  “Multilingual Universities” ( http://multilingualuniversities.net/blog/ ). The two workshop sessions aimed at gathering the comments by the reviewers so far and to discuss the planned sections of the volume as presented by Prof. G. Ziegler and collaborators.

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