“How to run successful webinars?” on the 2010 Global Education Conference

Katerina Zourou and Fred Dervin, University of Turku – Finland, presented a “meta-webinar” at the 2010 Global Education Conference (for more details, please see below)

How to run successful webinars? Lessons learnt and challenges for learning and collaboration at a

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Talk on „Developing ‘experts on learning’ focussing on multilingualisms: the innovative ITE approach of Luxembourg“

Charles MAX is invited speaker at the international conference „Sprachen lernen: Kompetenzen entwickeln – Performanzen (über)prüfen“ 5. Tagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Sprachendidaktik-ÖGSD, Innsbruck, September 23 – 25, 2010. Prof. Max will give a talk about „Developing ‘experts on learning’

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DICA paper presentation at the EARLI SIG 10 and 21 conference in Utrecht (NL)

Natalia DURUS, Marnie Ludwig, & Gudrun Ziegler presented their paper “An activity lens for learner identities in multilingual talk-in-interaction” at the EARLI Conference: Moving through Cultures of Learning that took place in Utrecht from September 2 to 3.

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