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Webinar “Where languages collide: How multilingual literacies make social media real”

14 June 2011, University of Luxembourg and broadcast live, 4 PM

Media and more specifically social media exist in and through multiple languages – in keyboarding, texting, dubbing, subtitling, translating, gaming and in many other ways of media interaction. Multilingualism is key when participating in (social) media. Media literacy is build from various languages and contexts of language use.

  • How do social media rely on multiple languages ?
  • Is there media literacy without multilingualism ?
  • How do users bridge languages and contents in multiuser contexts ?
  • How does media literacy construct language identities ?

An interactive debate with two leading researchers in the area of multilingualism and media literacy will address recent findings and discuss examples collected from the multilingual audience preparing and attending the webinar.


Invited speakers

Claire Kramsch is Professor of German and Education at UC Berkeley


Pilar Lacasa is Professor at University of Alcalá


The interactive debate is moderated by Gudrun Ziegler, Associate Professor at the University of Luxembourg



Register now for free: webinar.luxembourg@gmail.com

Poster available for download here

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