The insights on learning and development in this specifically defined field of interconnectedness enrich the ongoing basic research on multilingual learning of the DICA-lab working group, related projects and feed into the international CODI network (Ziegler 2007).

The purpose of this research project is to launch basic research about reasoning and knowledge building within specific multicultural and multilingual science classes, as is evident in terms of the Luxembourgish schooling context. Specifically, the project will become a building bloc to a longitudinal and developmental research about the diachronic aspects of learning processes that aim at clarifying issues of cognitive, linguistic, professional and cultural development in the Luxembourgish society over a major-time period. In the Luxembourgish educational system the project will contribute to the establishment of models for achieving high levels of competencies within heterogeneous school populations, and create expertise in local schools and the locally driven, internationally scoped focus on innovative learning environments in school and beyond.