hello world that´s hubert…

Before getting in touch with (Uni) Luxembourg Hubert studied Aerospace Engineering at University of Stuttgart with specialization in space systems and thermodynamics. As student research assistant he worked for some institutes of the German Aerospace Center DLR on projects going into the very physical details of space systems such as spray behaviour of gelled rocket fuel or measuring systems in supersonic combustion.
The interest in the overall system and beyond it started earlier than the begin of his studies, roughly at the age of being able to play/design with LEGO. This was one of the reasons why Hubert wrote his Diploma thesis on systems engineering based on modular components in December 2008. LuxSpace, a small satellite integrator company in Luxembourg provided the chance to do that. Being graduated he worked for LuxSpace as responsible for thermo-mechanical issues of space systems.
In parallel he wrote a proposal to the National Research Fund of Luxembourg for a PhD project which would be the next step beyond the space system boundary, namely a better understanding of how engineers of different disciplines “broaden their horizon” in working in multi-disciplinary project teams.
In October 2009, one month after the project start a naive question for a psychological/pedagogical/sociological crash course provoked joining the DICA research group to learn how to understand learning in interaction.

The research project under the AFR scheme is a public private partnership between LuxSpace, Université du Luxembourg  and the National Research Fund of Luxembourg FNR supported and supervised by Prof. L. Blessing, Prof. G. Ziegler, and Prof. C. Max.

And now he is learning to blog.

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