DLR @ DICA lab vol.2

In week 32 (08.08.11 – 12.08.11) we will have extra DICA sessions (data and reading) with our guest(s?) from DLR Bremen

In the reading session we selected three papers which should be available and studied somehow. These are:


Avnet, M. S., & Weigel, A. L. (2010). An application of the Design Structure Matrix to Integrated Concurrent Engineering. Acta Astronautica, 66(5-6), 937–949.

Badke-Schaub, P., & Frankenberger, E. (2001). Analysing and modelling cooperative design by the critical situation method. Le travail humain, 65(4), 293–314.

Goodwin, C. (2000). Action and embodiment within situated human interaction. Journal of Pragmatics, 32, 1489–1522.

plus optional:)

Song, J. Y., Kracheel, M., Ziegler, G. D. S., & Moser, H. A. (2011). Critical Interaction Instances in Collaborative Concurrent Engineering. In European Society of Concurrent Enterprising Network (Ed.), 17th International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising. Innovating products and services for collaborative networks .


Looking forward to nice discussions with you.

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