German Aerospace Centre DLR @ IAC 2011 on the Solar Magnetism Explorer concept study

The responsible research group from the German Aerospace Centre DLR presented at the 62nd International Astronautical Congress 2011 the space system study on solar magnetism which was accompanied by DICA-lab members.

“Besides the design of the two involved spacecraft this CE study was further used to allow observation and evaluation and consequent improvement of […]

Talk @ 62nd International Astronautical Congress 2011 in Capetown on team learning of space systems engineering teams

“Team learning in space projects – insights from a small satellite integrator”

Moser, H.A.; Max, C.J.; Blessing, L.T.M.

DLR @ DICA lab vol.2

In week 32 (08.08.11 – 12.08.11) we will have extra DICA sessions (data and reading) with our guest(s?) from DLR Bremen

In the reading session we selected three papers which should be available and studied somehow. These are:


Avnet, M. S., & Weigel, A. L. (2010). An application of the Design Structure Matrix […]


ICE 2011 best paper award

CET-2 check

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to present my research project to the supervisory panel (Prof. L. Blessing, Prof. G. Ziegler, J. Buursink). I was strongly encouraged to start writing something… here we go


hello world that´s hubert…

Before getting in touch with (Uni) Luxembourg Hubert studied Aerospace Engineering at University of Stuttgart with specialization in space systems and thermodynamics. As student research assistant he worked for some institutes of the German Aerospace Center DLR on projects going into the very physical details of space systems such as spray behaviour of gelled […]