Luxembourg – Luxembourgish: A curiosity at the L3 Warsaw

“What is the dominant language in Luxembourg”,
“Isn’t Luxembourgish a dialect of German?”
“How is the everyday life in Luxembourg without Luxembourgish?”
These are questions that appeal for assumptions on Luxembourgish as a linguistic item rather than for discussions on scientific studies on Luxembourgish as part of learners’ reality in a particular multilingual and multicultural context.
Anyway, my paper on multilingual adults’ perceptions of the values of Luxembourgish was a successful presentation of researches carried out at the University of Luxembourg under the support of the FNR. Interesting questions concerned data transcription and whether the participants to the focus group only used one language each or code-switched during their talk. Another interesting question was on the intended method for investigating on the contradiction that appears in the learning of Luxembourgish as described by the participants to my MA study.
At the end of the presentation, I invited the participants to the L3 Conference to satisfy their curiosity towards Luxembourg and experience its multilingual context. I also invite them to get inform on Luxembourgish by reading about researches carried out by the IPSE research unit and the DICA research group.

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