Discussing affordances at L3 Warsaw

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Defined as “a spectrum of phenomena”, affordances can be manifested through actions, objects, possibilities, events, facts and realities, etc. It is always in plural because affordances work by sets; i.e., knowledge, motivation and context constitute the set of individual affordances (see Larissa Aronin). Used in the first times in physics, design and psychology, the […]

Luxembourg – Luxembourgish: A curiosity at the L3 Warsaw

“What is the dominant language in Luxembourg”, “Isn’t Luxembourgish a dialect of German?” “How is the everyday life in Luxembourg without Luxembourgish?” These are questions that appeal for assumptions on Luxembourgish as a linguistic item rather than for discussions on scientific studies on Luxembourgish as part of learners’ reality in a particular multilingual and […]

“L’action se passe en Pologne, c’est-à-dire nulle part”

15-17 September 2011, Seventh International Conference on Third language acquisition and multilingualism, University of Warsaw, Poland. With the always developing researches into multilingualism, the once unknown Poland hosted 67 presentations and thousands participants from all over the world discussed new dimensions of multilingualism and their diverse perspectives on future researches in multilingual contexts. Interesting […]

L3-Conference on Third Language Acquisition and Multilingualism

The seventh international conference on Third Language Acquistion and Multilingualism will be hosted by the University of Warsaw on the 15th-17th September 2011. Discussions will address research issues in multilingualism, the multilingual society, multilingual education and teachers training, the affectivity of multilinguality, multilingual literacies and educational policies.

Under the topic of the multlingual society, […]