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Kristian Mortensen

Research interests

Kristian Mortensen

Basically I’m interested in how people understand each other during talk-in-interaction and in particular in face-to-face interaction. And even more so when more than two participants are engaged in the interaction. To approach an understanding of how people go about doing that, in real time so to speak, I use conversation analysis as the methodological tool. So far, my research has primarily tried to understand this in educational settings.

Educational Background

  • 2008: Ph.D. degree based on the dissertation Instructions and Participation in the Second Language Classroom. Institute of Language and Communication, University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
  • Oct. 2005 to Jan 2006: Visiting Scholar, CLIC (Center for Language, Interaction and Culture), University of California, Los Angeles
  • 2004: Master Degree (cand. mag.) in “International Business Communication (Spanish)”, SDU
  • 2002: Bachelor Degree (BA) in “Spanish”, SDU


  • (2009): Establishing Recipiency in Pre-Beginning Position in the Second Language Classroom. Discourse Processes, 46(5), 491-515
  • (in print): Doing Word Explanation in Interaction. To appear in G. Pallotti & J. Wagner: L2 Learning as Social Practice: Conversation-analytic Perspective. Honolulu: National Foreign Language Resource Center.
  • (in review): Selecting Next-Speaker in the Second Language Classroom: How to Find a Willing Next-speaker in Planned Activities


  • The interactive construction of ‘teacher selects next-speaker’”. Space-interaction-discourse, Aalborg, November 2008.
  • “Writing as a Display of Unavailability in the Classroom”, paper presented as part of the panel “Mediating Multi-resources for Learning: Writing as a Social Activity in Small Plurilingual Countries”, organized by Gudrun Ziegler & Charel Max, University of Luxembourg, ISCAR (International Society for Cultural and Activity Research), San Diego (CA), September 2008.
  • ”Participation in the Second Language Classroom: A Conversation Analysis Approach to First Pair-Parts and Interactional Tasks”. Guest lecture, University of Luxembourg, July 2007.
  • “Co-Construction of ‘knowledge’ in a Multiparty Environment”, paper presented as part of the panel “Doing Teaching and Learning”, organized by Tom Koole, University of Utrecht, ICCA (International Conference on Conversation Analysis), Helsinki, May 2006.
  • “Participating in the Second Language Classroom: Establishing Recipiency”, paper presented at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense, as part of the conference “Classroom Organization with a Focus on Second and Foreign Language Classrooms”, organized by the Institute of Language and Communication. May 26th, 2006.
  • “Participation in the Second Language Classroom: Instruction and self-selection – a multimodal Approach”, paper presented at Brownbag, Second Language Studies, University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Jan 2006.
  • “IRF as a norm in the classroom?”, paper presented as part of the panel “SLA in interaction: A conversation analytic perspective”, organized by Gabriele Kasper. University of Hawai’i, EuroSLA (European Second Language Association), Dubrovnic, Cro. Sep 2005.


LCMI-Unit for socio-cultural research on learning and development
University of Luxembourg
Route de Diekirch
L-7220 Walferdange
Tlf: (+352) 466 644 9596
email: kristian.mortensen[a]uni.lu (replace by @)

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