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Markus Molz

After studying psychology, social sciences and cultural studies, Markus has been working as assistant researcher and research fellow in several multi-year European research and inquiry projects at different universities in Germany, France and Luxembourg. For 15 years he is active in transdisciplinary fields like intercultural relations and diversity issues, technologically-enhanced environments for learning and work, cross-border education, and quality development in higher education programmes. In all these fields he has been teaching undergraduates and graduates from different disciplines and cultures simultaneously in transdisciplinary and multilingual courses. In order to transform the challenge of diversity into an asset he is continually developing and implementing innovative boundary-crossing pedagogical approaches. Markus has as well gained experience as freelance consultant for transnational non-profit organizations, and as co-founder of two start-up companies.
His life-course across cultures and sectors, and his broad interests across disciplinary boundaries and across the theory-practice divide stimulated his long-standing interest in integral, transdisciplinary and meta-theoretical approaches. Along these lines he is currently finalizing his PhD dissertation called “Beyond Fragmentation – Toward an Integral Pluralism in Sociocultural Research” at the University of Luxembourg.

Markus is founding and board member of the Institute for Integral Studies (IFIS) and initiator, organiser and facilitator of the international symposium on “Research across boundaries”.


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