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Sara Cortéz

I am a visiting researcher at the University of Luxembourg (supervision: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Gudrun Ziegler; Grant within a reserach collaboration between GIPI & DICA-lab). I am a member of the GIPI Research Group (Images, words and ideas) directed by Dr. Pilar Lacasa, at the Universidad de Alcala, Spain. The research group is interested in favoring the creation of educational innovative scenarios, exploring multiple contexts and situations in the school and the family. We facilitate the development of skills related to literacy in different contexts across the use of new technologies as the television, the Internet or the video games. My PhD-work is based on the analysis the dimensions that define the educational stages related to the presence of new technologies already consolidated in the family and the school. The principal challenge is to transform, to impregnate from this change to education throughout the creation of learning strategies. The model that orientates my work is related to the power of developing new forms of literacy associated with the authority of the narrative thought, using multimodal codes in the school and family context. I approach the video games as present elements in the popular culture of children of between 6 and 12 years old. The aim of this approach is the use of video games as educational tools, building a bridge between leisure and education. My thesis focus is on the Sims 2 pets video game and how children learn to live in a “virtual world”. I try to answer the following questions: Do children feel part of the game or as the characters? Do children create different, entertaining and interesting worlds similar their life or completely differently from their context? What type of responsibilities must children assume in the game?…
GIPI research group (Images, words and ideas) http://www2.uah.es/gipi/

Mail: sara.cortesg (@) uah.es

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