Learning 2.0

Evelyne Pochon-Berger

I am a visiting researcher at the University of Luxembourg, conducting a project on L1/l2 discourse development under the supervision of Ass.Prof. Dr. Gudrun Ziegler funded by the FNR Luxembourg through the AM scheme, for 12 months (until summer 2009) (www.fnr.lu).

This study then is strongly linked with my Phd-work, which I do under the direction of Prof. Dr. Simona Pekarek Doehler, University of Neuchâtel/Switzerland, in applied linguistics (www.unine.ch). My PhD-work concerns second language classroom interactions. I am interested in interactional competence: what does it look like with learners that have not yet developped a large repertoire in L2, and how does it possibly develop… I focus in particular on turn taking means (in French ‘enchaînements discursif’) : how do participants get the floor when they have not been adressed (which is of special relevance in multiparty interactions) ? how do they disalign themselves with what precedes (disagreements, reorientation of topic, etc.) ? how do they account for the sequential relevance of their talk in these situations ? So recently I’ve been especially looking at turn-entry devices, on the verbal and non-verbal level.
The database I am working with is made of French L2 language classroom interactions , with lesser advanced teenagers at the compulsory school (13-14 years old), but also (however, with lesser focus) – with more advanced learners at the high school (17-18 years old). For the lesser advanced learners, part of the corpus are teacher-fronted lessons, and other part of it are peer-group works.

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