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We are living in an unprecedented historical situation: never before have the global stakes been so high, never before has so much knowledge been intentionally produced and disseminated, and never before has expertise been bound in so many separate research specialisations. As a consequence, there is a widespread call today for knowledge and practice bridging disciplines, paradigms, cultures, and worldviews. And indeed, in recent years various advances have been made in boundary-crossing research that facilitate (re)connections between theory and practice, facts and values, history and future, sciences and humanities, East and West etc.

On this background, the international symposium “Research Across Boundaries – Advances in Theory-building” brings together, for the first time, around 30 leading researchers from more than 15 countries and as many different research areas. They are representatives of an array of contemporary integrative frameworks and research practices. The goal of the symposium is to foster dialogues among them and additional participants through plenum, small-group and open space sessions, in order to discover common concerns and stimulating differences regarding advanced boundary-crossing research approaches.

The University of Luxembourg, built since its foundation in 2003 upon principles of interdisciplinary, international and cross-cultural collaboration, is a most appropriate host for this symposium on advances in boundary-crossing research, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg offering a remarkably cosmopolitan context for it.

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