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In 2010, two PhD dissertations have been successfully submitted and defended. Markus Molz presented his work to an international jury, focusing on “Toward an Integral Pluralism in Sociocultural Research – Theme Analysis of Research Biographies and Integrative Frameworks” (supervisor: Prof. Dr. Charles Max); Anne Meyer defended her work “Peer interactions in the language classroom: Expert-novice-practices in learning activities at primary school” with great success (supervisor: Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Gudrun Ziegler). Current PhD projects focus on learning processes in multilingual contexts, lingua franca issues, equity in education in Luxembourg, language competences and their assessment as well as on multimodality and language development.

DICA-lab was involved in the organisation of two outstanding conferences sponsored by the National Research Fund (FNR). First, the “Professionalising Multilingualism in Higher Education” conference defines the UL as a core actor in the field of multilingual higher education and contributes to the sustainable network of multilingual universities (http://multilingualuniversities.net). Second, the international symposium on interdisciplinary and integrative research “Research across boundaries: Advances in theory building” brought for the first time leading researchers from more than 15 countries together. Ample information can be retrieved from the conference website (http://dica-lab.org/rab/).

DICA-lab members presented their work upon peer-reviewing processes at various conferences, panels and research symposiums such as (non exhaustive listing) Multilingual Individuals and Multilingual Societies (Hamburg), National Association for Research in Science Teaching (Philadelphia, US), International Conference on Conversation Analysis (Mannheim), European Educational Research Association (Helsinki), European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction: Learning and Teaching in Culturally Diverse Settings (Utrecht), European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning (Bordeaux), New Insights into the Study of Conversation: Applications to the Language Classroom (Granada), EAPRIL / PBPR conference (Lisabon).

The European project on Language Learning and Social Media (6 key dialogues) was successfully launched and has already set its marks in terms of numbers of face-to-face and online users of the innovative publications produced (e.g., first webinar sessions at the UL). DICA-lab was selected as a “national contact point” (NCP) for the MEDEA Awards.

DICA-lab members provided various trainings within running projects (Fibonacci project), to local associations (specialising in language teaching in multilingual contexts), the Luxembourg government (language learning for adults), the European Commission and partner universities (Universities of Bremen, Munich, Algarve).

A detailed list of all presentations, publications and qualification work (research Master, PhD and post-doc work) of the research colelctive and its members is updated and available at the present blog. An overview of the research activities is listed in the document below.

Activity overview 2010

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