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Jointly written in the spirit of our collaboration

Putting diversity, multilingualism, multi-modality and multi-mediality at its centre, the DICA-lab is emphasising basic and applied research on processes of learning and development, data-driven interaction analysis and tool-bound activity research. The research puts a specific emphasis on the dynamics of innovation and transformation within networks or communities, the creation of mediating artefacts and the development of new forms of cultural expression and participation.

In 2011, two research projects have been successfully concluded. From seven national and international applications that the team submitted or was involved in, the DICA-lab managed to get two European projects, one internal university project and one AFR-PhD grant accepted.

The European project ‘Quicker steps’ was successfully launched with two open conference days on collaboration between higher education and working life, one in Finland and another in Luxembourg. These events generated rich dialogues between academic and professional/economic contexts. The European project ‘Language learning and social media’ organised a European-wide contest on social media use in classrooms and four interactive webinar sessions, of which one session took place again at the UL.

Current PhD projects focus on gestures in language use, multimodal scientific publishing, multilingual learning and integration processes, interaction in technology contexts as well as science learning in diversity.

DICA-lab members presented their work at various renowned conferences, panels and research symposiums in the US, Québec, France, Italy, UK, Belgium, Poland, Germany and Brazil. At the ISCAR 2011 conference, the DICA-lab organized an internationally recognized symposium with contributions based on cross-sectional empirical data from the lab’s database dealing with learning processes in young children. The International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising (Aachen/Germany) granted the best paper award to the group led by Ass.-Prof. Dr. Ziegler.

A detailed list of all presentations, publications, networking and dissemination of scientific results activities as well as qualification work (research Master, PhD and post-doc work) of the research collective and its members is updated and available at the DICA-lab blog (http://dica-lab.org).


Coordinator: Prof. Dr. CHARLES MAX

Substitute: Assoc. Prof. Dr. GUDRUN ZIEGLER


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