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Competences for Organizing Discourse-In-Interaction & Science Learning: Analyzing knowledge building as activity of collaborative inquiring (I: preschool, K1, K2) (2008-2011)


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CODI-SCILE-A focuses on

  1. scientific knowledge construction by children (age four to eight) as deployed in the activity of inquiring the specifics of a physical element (‘water’) and
  2. the apparent (“at hand”) and emergent (“developed”) discourse-in-interaction practices, features and formats with regard to
  3. the (a) outside vs. b) inside school) resources mobilized,
  4. their multi-modal quality for discourse and
  5. their multilingual dimensions in terms of a) language development and b), more importantly, learning as such.

The developmentally sensitive project set-up (joint activity and concept-construction-in-discourse by young children) provides ecologically valid insights into the fundaments of scientific reasoning, information structuring in discourse-in-interaction, their micro-development and ways of pedagogical exploitation within multilingual learning contexts at a sensitive age. Also, the acknowledged but lesser investigated link between scientific reasoning and its (mostly within schooling and testing devices, e.g. PISA) assessable re-presentation in discourse is addressed and allows for highly valuable results with regard to the conditions, reliability and potentials.

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Charles Max
Research team: Ass. Prof. Dr. Gudrun Ziegler
Line Eskildsen
Spencer Hazel
Chris Siry
Isabelle Kremer
Martin Kracheel
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