Learning 2.0


Fundamental Luxembourgish – in early plurilingual settings (2008-2011)



The FUNDALUX (I) / (eapluls) project has three major concerns with regard to the development of Luxembourgish by young learners in Luxembourg’s multilingual society. On behalf of a dynamic corpus of Luxembourgish in its genesis as revealed through (multi- modal) learner data, FUNDALUX provides detailed and comprehensive inventories of fundamental Luxembourgish beyond the structural description of Luxembourgish; FUNDALUX analyzes the acquisition of Luxembourgish with regard to discourse activities; FUNDALUX provides environments for learning Luxembourgish from a developmental account, bridging the gap between Luxembourgish and the language of the young learner. The project contributes to the study of Luxembourgish and learning in discourse-interaction.
The University of Luxembourg is funding this project.

Project leader: Ass. Prof. Dr. Gudrun Ziegler
Research team: Isabelle Chassine
Marnie Ludwig


Ziegler, Gudrun (2009): Managing distance: third party addressing in Luxembourgish youth talk, paper, Symposium, Forms of expressing politeness/respect in Discourse: Talking about third parties in languages and varieties, DGFS international congress, Form and Function, Osnabrueck, March 2009.

Chassine, Isabelle (2009): Integrating with/in Luxembourgish, Short paper, International Masterclass, University Paris 8, January 2009.

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