Learning 2.0


FUNDamental ENGlish – in early plurilingual learning settings: inventory, competence development, insights for designing learning (2009-2012)


The FUNDENG project is documenting and analyzing English as a second language in a classroom context at a secondary school level. For our current corpus, we are collecting and transcribing video data from plurilingual learners in a multilingual setting in Luxembourg.

Multilingual development has been given much interdisciplinary attention over the past decade. Since it is a developing research area, tools from different theoretical frameworks are put to the test. At the University of Luxembourg we combine interactional approaches (e.g. Conversational Analysis) and grammatical acquisition to analyze our data. One of our goals is to refine, consolidate and develop approaches to studying multilingualism.


Project leader: Ass. Prof. Dr. Gudrun Ziegler
Research team: Dr. Neiloufar Family
Natalia Durus
Research partner: Olcay Sert (University of Newcastle)
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