Learning 2.0

Interactive applications and multi-learn environments

Project duration: 2006 – ongoing

The present research is focussing on new interactive technologies, which profoundly shape our daily interactions within educational, work, leisure or wider societal contexts. Convergent media tools, which combine text, sound, pictures, moving images and hypertext media in a dynamic way, are at the heart of the present research. More specifically we are looking at the ideological and technological foundations of these new tools, the types of communication and the activities they facilitate and promote. The recent rise of social media, which allow the creation and exchange of user-generated multimedia content, are a major field of interest as they are transforming the traditional one-way media monologues into dynamic interactive dia- or multilogues.Small-scale research projects explore processes of creating, learning and knowing through tool mediated collaborations within a broad range of multicultural and multilingual contexts.

– Learning through tele-collaboration in higher education and in family contexts (PhD research of Tetyana Karpenko)

– Multimodal interactions in multiplayer Wii gaming

– Interactive boards and collaborative learning

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