Learning 2.0

Knowledge development in complex technological contexts

2008 –  2011

DICA‐lab is involved in several European projects, dealing with quality assessment of development in multi‐discipline settings, science learning and technology. Co-operations with industry and public bodies are frequent (SES TechCom, Synergims) and concerned with the empirical tracing and analysis of the (micro-) genesis of ideas, the identification of moments of potential intervention, leveraging innovation and the assurance of (indicators of) quality in development.

Studies are focusing on the intersection and transformation of knowledge when changing its medial representation, information appropriation by and on behalf of relevant tools (tables, presentational formats, linear vs. dynamic modeling of complex processes) and critical moments of development (cf. mismatch of available information, exclusion of essential perspective, communication breakdown).







Studies (with SES TechCom for instance) focused on the transfer of technological information induced by a specific knowledge presentational format and the impact of formats on the quality of information.

The co-operation with DLR CEF (cf. SolMeX study) focused on the emergence/stagnation of knowledge flow across multi-party and multi-tool processes interaction processes. Specifically, this study highlights critical instances of collaborative processes at the intersection of mediating tools (tables, graphs, simulations), indicators of problematic moments (predictability of potential breakdown in information matching and information integration in a running or simulated process/tool under development). Moreover, issues of asynchronous communication modes (cf. emails) vs. synchronous modes (Concurrent Engineering Facility CEF-environment, chatting) are discussed in comparison with regard to their advantages/disadvantages in and for collaboration.

Research team:

– Ass-Prof .Dr. Gudrun Ziegler

– Hubert Moser – PhD Student

– Martin Kracheel – researcher

– Jun you Song – researcher


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