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LS6: Language learning and social media

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By placing “language learning and social media” at the core of the network, the 13 partner institutions of national, European and international reach will examine 6 key dimensions of this combination. These fundamental dimensions are:

1. Language learning, social media and social inclusion.

2. Language learning, social media and development of language resources.

3. Language learning and teaching through social media in new EU countries: the case of Romania, Latvia and Poland.

4. Language learning, social media and multilingualism.

5. Language learning through social media : evolution of teaching practices.

6. Language learning and teaching in formal and non formal contexts through ICT.

The survey of these dialogues will be supported by a set of key players: world known media companies, pan-European e-learning portals and publishers, social partners, universities, vocational training institutions and public bodies.

Special focus will be given to unexplored areas (new EU countries, informal learning and disadvantaged youth).Activities will result in policy making reports, selection of best practices, a comparative study, 2 annual reports on the state of innovation in each area of activity, public debates and an awards competition.

The sustained activity of periodic face-to face and online debates on the 6 key dimensions will be instrumental in connecting individuals and in bringing about prolonged exchange between experts and European citizens. The community will be hosted by the vibrant EU portal www.elearningeuropa.info

The real challenge of the network is to engage interaction between key players and the world outside, to enhance interaction with people that wouldn’t benefit from exchange if the network approach would have been less inclusive.

Key findings of every key dialogue will be published in EN, FR, DE, ES, PL, FI, LV & RO. Network impact Is guaranteed through the dissemination potential of partners and especially big media companies engaged in the network.

External Reference:    505107-LLP-1-2009-1-LU-KA2-KA2NW

Identifier:    EACEA-505107

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The UL team

Prof. Dr. Charles Max – principal investigator

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Gudrun Ziegler – researcher

Dr. Katerina Zourou – researcher and network coordinator


  • Deutsche Welle;  Bonn DE
  • Youth and European Social Work Forum;  Stuttgart DE
  • Autonomous University of Barcelona;  Campus Bellaterra, Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona) ES
  • P.A.U. Education;  Barcelona ES
  • University of Turku;  Turku FI
  • ADALSIC;  Paris FR
  • Institut National de Recherche Pédagogique;  Lyon FR
  • Radio France International – service “langue française”, 75016 Paris FR
  • Université Stendhal; Grenoble 3 FR
  • University of Latvia;  LV-1050 Riga LV
  • College of Foreign Languages; Czestochowa PL
  • Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw PL
  • University Ovidius Constanta RO
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