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Research Cooperation – Multilingual / Multimodal Developmental Data (LuxUS) (2007 – ongoing)


This research cooperation links the development of educationally relevant data-treatment tools on the one hand with highly challenging multimodal data as exploited at the University of Luxembourg, Educational Sciences and DICA-lab on the other hand.

The US Embassy is supporting this project.

Project leaders: Ass. Prof. Dr. Gudrun Ziegler, UL / Dr. David Woods, WCER, University of Wisconsin/Madison
Research team: Anne Meyer, MA
Ronny Steinmetz


Ziegler, G.; Steinmetz, R. (2009): Do you develop? How do you know? In: Connexion, 1/2009.

Ziegler, G.; Woods, D. (2008): Applying Multiple Analytic Layers in the Analysis of Video using Transana: Insights from Multi-Modal Developmental Data, Paper, International Conference: Software for Qualitative Analysis, Luxembourg, CRP Tudor, November 2008.

Ziegler, G.; Steinmetz, R. (2008): Designing databases for developmental reserach, Workshop, Munich, University of Munich, Department for English, November 2008.

Ziegler, G. (2008): Working with (social)process-bound data, Workshop, Forum Business meets research, Luxembourg, Luxinnovation, October 2008.



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