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Quality Management in Cross-Border Education (2006 – 2008)

European Socrates Project; www.quace.eu

The ongoing trend to internationalise higher education requires that universities give evidence of the quality of their degree programmes to a variety of stakeholders, in particular to students. Thus, the universities become more pro-active in the area of quality management and strengthen their internal quality culture. The QUACE project takes a bottom up approach bringing together universities that do already cooperate in joint programmes in order to develop common quality guidelines. This raises the attractiveness of the regional higher education area, helps to overcome obstacles in cross-border education and strengthens the European character of the participating institutions.

This project deals with quality management of joint programmes as well as international PhD programmes in the Greater Region of Saar Lor Lux and Wallonia. It aims to strengthen the quality culture within the universities, to develop quality guidelines for joint programmes in European border regions and to improve the communication between European universities about quality assurance in joint programmes. Quality assurance is taken as a means to increase the attractiveness of international degree programmes in the Greater Region.

This should be reached by

  • A survey of European, national and local quality management systems and guidelines,
  • Communication and co-operation with stakeholders in the field of quality assurance,
  • Needs analysis: Questionnaire; workshops in cooperation with institutions in charge of academic quality assurance,
  • Quality improvement in joint programmes, further development of quality evaluation procedures.

The Quace project was funded under the Socrates Programme of the European Community (Agreement N° 2006 – 1447 / 001 SO2 81AWB)

UL Project leader: Prof. Dr. Charles Max
UL Research team: Markus Molz
Philippe Blanca
Partners involved:
Université de Liège (ULG)
Administration, Research & Development

Isabelle Halleux

Denys Jeandrain

Universität des Saarlandes (UdS)
Präsidialbüro – AG Evaluation

Thilo Offergeld

Sascha Neumann

Mitra Moghadassian

Publications: University of Luxembourg NEWSLETTER 16.06.2008 (pdf)University of Luxembourg NEWSLETTER 6.04.2009 (pdf)
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