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Improving web strategies and maximizing social media presence of LLP  projects – Web2LLP

2012 – 2013 (24 months)

involved researchers:    Prof. Dr. Charles Max,    Jun Song

The project will create a framework for the effective exploitation of results of LLP projects that is empowered by social networking technologies as part of coherent, attractive and sustainable web strategies in a supportive environment for running LLP projects. This framework is composed by the following elements:

  1.  identification and analysis of barriers for valorization of LLP results and the role of social media in facilitating or impeding their deployment ;
  2. methodologies to facilitate exploitation of results through social media and web strategies, as well as downloadable practical guides (in free access) for LLP project managers and members in EN, FR, IT.
  3. series of tailored-made training sessions  in EN, FR, IT for current LLP projects, adapted to the valorization strategies of these projects and support in strengthening their impact with the help of highly professional web strategies that incorporate social media;
  4. self- training materials (video tutorials and downloadable practical guides) for current beneficiaries and future LLP applicants and interested users wishing to maximize the valorization capacity of project results
  5. face-to-face workshops and a strong presence to regional, European and international events involving LLP projects and also policy makers with the aim to stimulate networks and to empower the virtuous circle between policy development and practical experiences. Policy recommendations will be also generated.
  6. a digital showcase containing LLP projects that display optimal use of web strategies involving social media (triggering  transfer of good practices and concrete examples), enriched by short interviews of their creators

This cross-cutting project embracing all LLP sub-actions aims to promote EU-level exploitation actions by celebrating the linguistic and cultural variety of LLP projects and to instigate better exploitation of social media for lifelong learning. The main objective the project is to raise awareness, provide tailored-made training as well as self-training on web strategies and social media presence to LLP projects, including all sectorial, transversal and Jean Monnet actions.


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Evaluation results:

The EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) of the European Commission selects the DICA-lab application ”Improving web strategies and maximizing social media presence of LLP  projects”/ Web2LLP“ for EU co-financing. 71 applications have been submitted to the 2011 Lifelong Learning Call and the success rate was 7%. The entire list of selected projects might be consulted at the address:http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/llp/results_projects/selection_results_en.php

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