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DICA-lab members actively participate(d) in



AAAL Annual Conference (American Association for Applied Linguistics), Washington DC, USA, 29 March – 1 April 2008.

AILA – Multilingualism: Opportunities & Challenges. Essen, Deutschland. 24-29.8.2008.

1st International Critical Realism and Education Conference, Institute of Education. University of London/United Kingdom, 18-20 July 2008.

EARLI JURE conference at the Catholic University of Leuven/Belgium, 8-11 July 2008.

International CODI meeting at the University of Neuchâtel (CH). 23-25.5.2008.

ISCAR Conference “Ecologies of Diversities: The developmental and historical interarticulation of human mediational forms”. San Diego, USA. 9-13.9.2008.

Language, Culture, Mind – 3. International Conference. Odense, DK. 11.-14.7.2008.

Luxinnovation – Business meets research. Luxembourg. 26.10.2008.

Multimodality and Learning: New Perspectives on Knowledge, Representation and Communication. University of London, Institute of Education, GB. 19-20.6.2008

Sociocultural Perspectives on Teacher Education and Development’ conference, University of Oxford, 7 – 8 April, 2008’.

17. Sociolinguistics Symposium: micro and macro connections. Amsterdam, Netherlands, 3-5.4.2008.

‘Space interaction discourse’, Aalborg (DK), 12-14 November 2008.

VALS-ASLA international conference on ‘L’analyse des interactions acquisitionelles face aux enjeux socio-éducatifs’, Lugano, CH. 7.-9.2.2008


BIMU conference – Bi- and multilingual universities. Bozen-Bolzano, Italy. 20-22.9.2007.

EARLI conference. Budapest, HU. 21.-25.9.2007.

EARLI PBBR. Maastricht, NL. 15.11.2007.

EUROSLA conference – European Second Language Association. NewCastle upon Tyne, England. 11-14.9.2007.

Frauen- und Genderforschung, Internationaler und Interdisziplinärer Workshop n°4, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Interdisciplinary & international conference: Looking ahead with curiosity -Visions of languages in education. Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität; DFG funded. Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland. 28.4.-1.5.2007

10th International Pragmatics Conference. Göteborg, Sweden. 8-13.7.2007.

Luxinnovation – Business meets research. Luxembourg. 4.11.2007.

Sprachentwicklung und Sprachförderung – Perspektiven und Herausforderunger. 3. Internationale Tagung. Brixen, Italy. 20-22.8.2007

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