scipads presentation at the Earli SIG 21 conference in Tartu

Charles Max will give a presentation about the sciPADs research  “Implementing tablet-cloud systems in elementary schools – Transformative research in socio-digital activity systemsat the EARLI SIG Conference “Reflective minds and communities”.  In 2016, this  bi-annual conference will be held on the 28th-29th of August 2016 in Tartu, Estonia. The conference is a joint event of the  EARLI SIGs 10, 21 and 25

More information about“Reflective minds and communities is to be found on the conference site and on the  SIG 21 FB page

Activity theoretical perspectives on inquiry-based learning – keynote speech at CETE summerschool

Prof. Dr. Charles Max gave a keynote talk at the international summerschool of the CETE (Center of Excellence for Technology Education) network at the University of Essen-Duisburg (Ger) on June 21. The talk addressed the theoretical and methodological concerns of our research on inquiry-based learning processes. It examined to what extent sociocultural views on human knowing, learning and acting in the legacy of Vygotsky’s cultural historical school of thought might be beneficial for analysing student activity in technologically enhanced school environments. Tool-mediated human activity was the core unit of analysis and was explored from a dynamic and situated perspective, i.e. within its complex, multi-voiced social and cultural circumstances.

The talk put a particular focus on the constructionist research approach and the multi-method framework. The latter was set up a) to gain a very complete and valid understanding of the situated processes occurring in their “natural setting”, b) to understand the dialectical interplay of the individual and the social c) to apprehend the dynamics between learning-teaching practices and meditational means (seen as distributed among people, semiotic and physical tools, time, space and physical environment).

In order to balance the ‘big picture’ and the fine-grained interaction processes at peer-to-peer level, i.e. to interconnect the meso- and micro-analytical levels of analysis, three planes, lenses or foci of analysis are combined. This triadic orchestration of personal, interpersonal and contextual lenses generates different sets of data captured by complementary collection methods to construct a complex and thorough picture of inquiry-based learning processes within socio-digital activity systems.

Scipads workshop at launch of “edusphere” in Esch-Belval

The scipads team and Eric Castanet (European School Mamer/Bertrange) offered a workshop on inquiry-based learning with tablets in science education at the launch event of “eduSphere”, the MENJE digital environment of education and learning, that took place an March 12, 2016 in Esch Belval . The workshop was titled ” Enquête d’un crime! – Comment créer une situation d’apprentissage fondée sur l’exploration et l’expérience avec des tablettes (iPads)” and was organised around a crime riddle that could be solved only by collecting evidence with the data capture features of the tablets.

Pictures of the event are available at :

EARLI 2015: poster presentation of the sciPads project team

At the bi-annual EARI conference in Limassol (Cyprus), Prof. Dr. Charles Max presented a poster about the use of tablet-cloud systems in the elementary science classroom, i.e. to what extent do these technologies facilitate learner-led inquiries, shape learning processes and […]

sciPADs workshop at the conference “Digitale Schule” in Chemnitz

Charles Max presents outcomes of the sciPADs project at the conference “Digitale Schule” in Chemnitz (Ger) on June 19. The workshop he runs is about “Forschungs-orientiertes Lernen mit Tablets im elementaren naturwissenschaftlichen Unterricht”. The conference is part of the project […]

Snt Partnership day 2015

The sciPads project participated in the “Snt partnership day” 2015 on Wednesday 6th June to present the project posters and the promotional video. In addition, the sciPads team introduced a newly developed website which includes a detailed description of […]

Presentation at INTED2015 Conference in Madrid, Spain

The study “ICT use at home and at school: A study on 8- to 12-year-old students in Luxembourg” written by the sciPADS team (Charles Max, Ju Youn Song, Nathalie Hack) has been presented by Nathalie Hack at the 9th International […]

Presentation at the “Computer-suported inquiry learning” Conference in Malmö (Sweden)

The paper “Analysing tablet-enhanced inquiries in elementary science education” submitted by Charles Max and Jun Song has been presented at the EARLI SIG 20 Conference “Using Inquiry to Engage in Learning”. The meeting took place from August […]

Presentation at the EARLI SIG 21 Conference in Padova (Italy)

Charles Max gave a presentation about the sciPADs research “Developing spaces for technology-mediated inquiry in education” at the EARLI SIG Conference “Open Spaces for Interaction and Learning Diversities – OSILD”. In 2014, this bi-annual conference took place in Padova […]

EDULEARN14 conference at Barcelona, 7th-9th July

The sciPADS project participated in the international conference EDULEARN14 which took place at Barcelona (Spain) from 7th to 9th of July. More than 600 people over 75 countries joined this conference to share the latest studies and projects in the […]