scipads presentation at the Earli SIG 21 conference in Tartu

Charles Max will give a presentation about the sciPADs research “Implementing tablet-cloud systems in elementary schools – Transformative research in socio-digital activity systems” at the EARLI SIG Conference “Reflective minds and communities”. In 2016, this bi-annual conference will be held […]

Activity theoretical perspectives on inquiry-based learning – keynote speech at CETE summerschool

Prof. Dr. Charles Max gave a keynote talk at the international summerschool of the CETE (Center of Excellence for Technology Education) network at the University of Essen-Duisburg (Ger) on June 21. The talk addressed the theoretical and methodological concerns of […]

Scipads workshop at launch of “edusphere” in Esch-Belval

The scipads team and Eric Castanet (European School Mamer/Bertrange) offered a workshop on inquiry-based learning with tablets in science education at the launch event of “eduSphere”, the MENJE digital environment of education and learning, that took place an March 12, […]

Snt Partnership day 2015

The sciPads project participated in the “Snt partnership day” 2015 on Wednesday 6th June to present the project posters and the promotional video. In addition, the sciPads team introduced a newly developed website which includes a detailed description of […]

Poster session at the ‘Schoulfest zu Harel’

On Friday 12th July 2013, the sciPADS team participated in the ‘Schoulfest zu Harel’, the end of year’s school festivity of the Regionalschoul Uewersauer in Harlange. Besides the multiple activities organized for this festivity, the school also presented a collection […]

Project Poster: Harlange Schoulfest

Workshop “Robotik” und “Kreativfabrik”

Ecole Woiver Differdingen – rue Neuwies

Workshops mit Prof. Ingelore Mammes und Kristin Schäffer in den neu eröffneten Lern-Werkstätten zu Technik in der Grundschule „Woiver“. Themen:

„Robotik mit Kindern der Grundschule?“ sowie „Herstellungsprozesse in der Kreativfabrik“.

Teilnehmerzahl begrenzt – Obligatorische […]

Vortrag: Kleine Ingenieure – Technische Bildung in der Grundschule?

Konferenz am 9.Mai 2012 17h30 Differdingen, Miami University – 1, Impasse du Château (Schloss – Eingang gegenüber Stadthaus)


Prof. Ingelore Mammes, Dr. Kirstin Schäfer,

Universität Duisburg-Essen