The project objectives are situated at three mutually interrelated analytical levels, connected to a fourth – methodological – plane.

  1. How do children build scientific understanding through the convergence of different material and semiotic tools in hands-on and technologically enhanced science activities (individual level).
  2. How do students accomplish science as an interactional achievement with a first specific focus on the quality of the interactionally accomplished convergence of talk, joint embodied action, and material artefacts as regards „doing science“  and b) their repertoires as apparent and emergent multi-lingual discourse features/formats (interpersonal level).
  3. How do interactive digital tools improve inquiry-based science learning regarding their potential to a) structure discourse and information as a shared achievement b) facilitate interactive forms of scientific inquiring, creative expression and networked dissemination (contextual level).
  4. How can children as co-researchers bring unique views and multiple voices to the data collection, that tell us about the participants’ perspectives and reflections about their inquiry and their epistemic beliefs (methodological level)