Web2LLP Kick-off meeting

Timid crocuses are showing their white, yellow & purple faces around the field.

The spring breeze wakes up for a better day after long winter time. 

With this warm and heartfelt enthusiasm and passion, all members of the EU project “Improving Internet strategies and social media presence of LLP projects” (Web2LLP) gathered for the Web2LLP Kick-off meeting.

The 14 members from 6 different organizations (University of Luxembourg, Web2Learn, ATiT, Coventry University Enterprises Ltd, Pixel, P.A.U Education, S.L) and external quality assurance met together to discuss every facet of projects as well as to build a collaborative work environment among partners.

The Web2LLP kick-off meeting took place on 1-2 March 2012 at the premise of SNT(The Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust) of the University of Luxembourg. The objectives of the web2LLP is to create a framework for the effective exploitation of results of LLP projects that is empowered by social networking technologies as part of coherent, attractive and sustainable web strategies in a supportive environment for running LLP projects.

The kick-off meeting facilitated to present and clarify the topics of the different work packages, to coordinate implementation issues, to  discuss various suggestions and idea among partners.  The two-day lasting exchange of views drew upon each member’s expertise in the field of research, training and dissemination so that the Web2LLP kick-off meeting was a unique and a fruitful boost for the joint work.

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