Web2LLP website is now online!!!


  «We might already be beyond the age of speed,

by moving into the age of real-time.

The move towards real-time is

one way out of the world of speed.»

(Ivan Illich, 1996)

The website of the EU project “Improving web strategies and maximizing the social media presence of LLP projects” (Web2LLP) is now available. This new website aims to promote  Web2LLP activities through regular postings of project activities (face-to-face training course & Free webinar sessions), outcomes and achievements. It also provides accessible resources (the digital showcase, video tutorials and helpdesks), which will help for the LLP project managers and future beneficiaries to improve web strategies and the presence of social media in their dissemination activities.

The front page of the website includes Latest News, Training Resources, Upcoming training sessions and Tweets and Posts.

Latest news is about  short news stories about project developments and will track the main achievements of the project team.

Training resources is about the interesting and useful resources to share, which is directly updated from the Web2LLP social bookmark site Diigo, http://groups.diigo.com/group/web2llp

Upcoming training sessions is a section which will essentially highlight the latest news related to the training provided by Web2LLP.

Tweets and Posts will share a real-time interest and information of the strategy of web and the use of  social media in the project management and in other fields.

Thanks to a constant flow of new resources and inputs, our website plays a dynamic role in disseminating information about the project.

For more information, visit our website http://www.web2llp.eu/

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