Web2LLP intermediate meeting

Bright sunlight in fall  reflects off the Arno river in Fireze

A city, enchanted by gorgeous cathedrals, statues and piazzas, takes our breathes away


The Web2LLP intermediate meeting took place last week on 4-5 October 2012 in  Florence, Italy. Partners (University of Luxembourg, Web2Learn, ATiT, Coventry University Enterprises Ltd, Pixel, P.A.U Education, S.L) and external quality assurance met together to discuss the updated outcome and future activities of the project.

The need analysis of LLP project managers’ usage of social media in their web strategies, based on desktop analysis(150 projects) and online survey(128 responses), were presented in front of the partners. This particular need analysis will be a guideline to design both the online tutorials and face-to-face training which will take place in the first part of 2013.

In the coming months, the partners will  finalise face-to-face interviews with project managers  which will be  uploaded in the project website. This digital showcase aims to share good practices in the use of social media for dissemination and valorisation purpose with broader audience. Also, Web2LLP teams are preparing two handbooks on establishing efficient web strategies and integrating social media and will be soon published.


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