Web2LLP was in the Media and Learning 2012 conference

The Media & learning Conference (MEDEA), hosted by the Flemish Ministry of Education in Brussels, was held on 14-15 November 2012. The aim of the MEDEA conference is to identify policies and initiatives that promote digital and media competence at all levels of education and training, and to promote best-practice in the take-up and application of media in education and training. The MEDEA 2012 Conference brought together a wide range of practitioners and policy makers who want to contribute to the development of digital and media skills in education and find new and effective ways to embed media into the learning process. It was a great opportunity for us to promote our network and distribute publications as well as information on upcoming events.

Our project , WEb2LLP was invited to promote the network alongside other LLP projects .We  had  also the privilege of presenting the network to more than 200 MEDEA participants in the lobby area as well as at other meeting venues (afternoon sessions). In addition, we had a great time in interviewing  three LLP project members from eScouts, Europa 2111 and SVEA projects. The interviews will be published in the digital showcase at our website in order to share the valuable opinion from LLP project members in coming weeks.

Visit http://www.web2llp.eu/videos for upcoming interviews.


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