Web2LLP is organising a 10-hour free online social media course for managers of LLP in April-May 2013

Web2LLP project partners are launching a series of free online training courses about the use of web strategies and social media tools aimed at anyone involved in European projects supported under the Lifelong Learning Progamme.

These courses are made up of 5 modules each lasting 2 hours which will be delivered via webinar sessions taking place at different times in April and May. There will be three such courses in English, French and Italian.

online courses 

Session 1 on Tue 30 April, 15.00 CET: Setting up a web strategy and communication action plan introducing the idea of a web strategy and what it involves.

Session 2 on Tue 7 May, 15.00 CET: Selecting and choosing social media tools focusing on blogs and microblogging, social networking sites , slide repositories and the big 3 (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).

Session 3 on Tue 14 May, 15.00 CET: Managing and measuring your social media presence, analyzing the social media impact of your project.

Session 4 on Tue 21 May, 15.00 CET: Sharing online content and complying to copyright.

Session 5 on Tue 28 May, 15.00 CET: Round-table with experienced managers and trouble-shooting regarding sustainability, cross-border collaboration, limited resources, multiple management responsibilities.

Registration to online courses and more information on the Web2LLP website 

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